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To manage your lifesaving medication devices
Using our world class unique cloud-based emergency medication management system

How it Works

We have custom built a cloud-based emergency medication management application, designed for people who face the daily risk of suffering from a severe medical emergency, such as asthma, anaphylaxis, angina pectoris and hypoglycaemia.

Life threatening consequences can occur if these emergencies are not treated promptly and efficiently with the correct medication.

Experts agree self-administered pharmaceuticals can be the difference between life and death. People at risk are prescribed vital medications to keep with them at all times to be used in an emergency.

You are prepared, you have all the medications needed for that emergency.  But … are those medication devices in date?


The Emergency Medication Mx system ensures your devices remain in date.  We have options for busy individuals, families, and businesses. We list and track all those devices and their expiry dates. When the expiry date approaches or you use the medication, our pharmacy partner contacts you directly to assist with the replacement of those emergency life-saving medication devices.

The cloud-based application simplifies medication replacement promptly after use, and prior to those devices expiring.


Delivered right to your door, giving you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.

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1 in 20

Australians Living with Diabetes

1 in 9

Australians with Asthma

Over 400

Asthma related deaths per year

4 Million

Australians affected by allergies

Anaphylaxis: 7 %

Increase in deaths year on year

5,100 Deaths

With diabetes as the underlying cause


disease is the leading cause of death in Australia

353,000 Australians

Affected by angina pectoris

Adrenaline Autoinjectors
Expiry: 18 months

From time of manufacturing (EpiPen & Anapen)

Inhaler / Puffers
Expiry: 12 months

From first opening/use (Salbutamol)

GTN Spray
Expiry: 2 years

From time of manufacturing

Glucagon Hypokits
Expiry: 3 years

From time of manufacturing