Individuals & Families

Emergency Medication Mx provides a holistic service to facilitate the management of life saving medication devices.

The Emergency Medication Mx application offers a cloud based risk management system for you and your families emergency Medication Devices

This video explains the Emergency Medication Mx concept and what it will do for you

Step 1

Select the appropriate membership option and join the Emergency Medication Mx family.

Step 2

List all devices for you or your extended family. List your trusted contacts and select what information they receive.

Step 3

Develop your circle of trust through conversations about the device information, knowing you and your loved ones are surrounded by people you can confidently depend on.

Step 4

Receive updates as well as instant viewing of all the devices we manage on your behalf.

  • Status of all devices
  • Devices soon to expire
  • Expired devices
  • Option for emergency replacement

Step 5

Facilitation by our pharmacy partner to arrange replacement of any Medication Devices soon to expire or used in an emergency. Delivery to your front door.



Annual Fee

1 person managed (self or someone else)

3 Medical Administration Devices managed

Access to Pharmacy Replacement service

Trusted Contacts sent information about devices



Annual Fee

3 persons managed 

3 Medical Administration devices per person

Access to Pharmacy Replacement service

Trusted contacts sent information about devices

Family Plus


Annual Fee

6 persons managed

3 Medical Administration devices per person

Access to Pharmacy Replacement service

Trusted Contacts sent information about devices

The benefits of our system

This system will give you peace of mind, knowing that if an emergency occurs you have rapid access to definitive treatment and lifesaving in date medication devices, and are surrounded by dependable people you can trust to intervene on your behalf.

“There are a lot of things I don’t worry about, because I have a plan in place if they do.”
Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

About Us

Our founder a former Critical Care Paramedic with more than 30 years of service, experience and a passion for assisting people in their times of greatest need. He noticed in the last few years more and more expired medication devices prescribed for those infrequent incidents, when attending to calls for help.

As this observation became a point of concern for him and occurred more frequently, a team of medical experts from the fields of emergency medicine, family medicine, pharmacy and critical care with more than 60 years of experience was formed, collaborating on an easy-to-use concept to help prevent this.

Unfortunately, even with all those years of experience, predicting when an emergency will strike is impossible. Bee stings to food allergies, chest pains or severe bronchospasm are by nature unpredictable.  All that experience does prove however that one factor makes the single greatest impact on outcomes, and that is rapid access to definitive treatment and lifesaving medications.

We understand that when it comes to emergency medications, these are often out of sight and out of mind after the prescription and initial purchase has been completed. We are all human after all and the replacement and checking of these vital medication devices takes a backseat to life, especially when the emergency medication devices are only there for an unpredictable event which thankfully hasn’t happened to require the medication use.

This leads to expired medication often being the only available resource in a time of need. Concerningly this can result in deadly consequences, with failure to reverse fatal conditions such as anaphylaxis, severe asthma, hypoglycaemia and angina pectoris.

To solve this, we designed a cloud-based application with help of the development team at Spritely Inc. Our system tracks your emergency medications, reminds you which medications are expiring and provides a seamless process for replacement through our pharmacy supply partner. Also, with your nominated trusted contacts – we endeavour to create a circle of trust, for peace of mind, by starting conversations and giving vital information to those around you and your family. This will help them feel confident and informed should they need to assist in or administer that emergency lifesaving medication. In this way we hope to bring you and your family more peace of mind and together with you, save more precious lives.